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Download PC Game The War Z Full Crack

The War Z -  is a Survival Horror MMO that immerses players in a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world in which a viral outbreak has decimated the human population leaving in its wake, a nightmare of epic proportion.

   Create your own survival experience by selecting one of the available characters, customizing them and helping them to navigate through hostile world of The War Z

  As you progress through this Zombie Game, exploring what happened, you will find notes and diaries that NPCs and other players left for you. These will have hints to the whereabouts of supplies and weapons you will need to survive.

  The War Z is an open world Zombie Game; as you explore and immerse yourself in this post-apocalyptic world you'll discover more than you ever imagined.

   You will find yourself hiding from zombies and other players;
exploring hidden parts of the map and discovering hidden
stashes throughout your journey.

The War Z Key Features:
  • Two modes of Play: Normal and Hardcore
  • Combination of First-Person and Third Person Perspectives
  • Meld of PVE (Player versus Environment) and PVP (Player versus Player)
  • Safe Settlements where Players can access their global inventory
  • 40 to 100 Players per Game Server
  • Create your own Clans
  • Leave Messages for friends in the game world

The War Z Install Intruction:

1. Download full game
2. Extract the files and run WarZlauncher.exe (wait for the game to update).
3. Now open emulator client - crack folder
It will contain three files named WarZ.exe, WarZlauncher.exe, and game.ini.

Extract these three files and overwrite the original files in The WarZ folder located in your Program Files.

4. You will need to access your hosts file by doing one of the following:

Go to: "C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc"


Press (windows + R) and type "%windir%\System32\Drivers\etc"

5. Right click on the hosts file, select Properties, and uncheck the Read-Only option (so you can edit the file). Open the hosts file in Notepad.
Go to the end of file and add this line: api1.thewarinc.com

6. You're done! Now save, exit, and enjoy!
Register an account using the 'registration' button on the launcher.
Homepage: http://thewarz.com
Download PC Game The War Z Full Crack
Password: xsoftgame

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